Asmongold slammed for deleting posts about Diablo Immortal microtransactions

Asmongold is one of Twitch’s top streamers for many reasons, but his strong opinion on gambling livestreams and pay-to-win gaming is among fan favorites. His views on complicated matters even helped Asmongold to reach the top of Twitch in terms of hours watched recently as he covered the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. However, it’s Asmongold’s strong opinions that have sparked a new controversy surrounding his recent streams Diablo immortal.


Diablo immortal is Blizzard’s latest controversial game release. It’s not just that Blizzard was first telling its PC-focused BlizzCon audience to get phones to play with Diablo immortal That’s the problem, as the ARPG is also designed for intrusive microtransactions. Asmongold had spoken about it quite a bit with his Twitch audience, acknowledging that the game had pay-to-win elements. However, when Asmongold finally started playing the game, he initially spent almost $350 on microtransactions, although the total is now over $600.

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While some people in Asmongold’s audience weren’t happy with the Twitch streamer’s decision to spend so much money on pay-to-win elements Diablo immortal, followed the crux of the controversy. Someone made a post on Asmongold’s Reddit to discuss him spending so much money Diablo immortal that was quite critical and negative. The mods decided to let it go due to the community’s strong feelings on the matter, only for Asmongold himself to remove the post.

If there’s something online communities dislike more than supporting the monetization of pay-to-win games, it’s the perception of being “censored.” A thread on the LivestreamFail subreddit showing a video clip of Asmongold deleting a dozen critical threads on his own subreddit has garnered thousands of upvotes. Far from flattering, many of the comments in the thread accuse Asmongold of being “hypocritical,” having “flexible morals,” and fostering an “echo chamber” in his community.

Asmongold doesn’t think he did anything hypocritical. He has described his stream, which he has spent hundreds of dollars on Diablo immortal as an example of how easy and pointless it can be to spend money on such games. He remains adamant against microtransactions, but continues to post as an example of what Blizzard requires players to only spend on a normal playthrough.

To be fair, both sides have a good point. It’s valuable that Asmongold provides a critical lens through which viewers can see just how easy it is to spend money Diablo immortal, and how Blizzard developed the game to get players to spend money. But even its critics are right when they say that Asmongold Blizzard is still promoting the game for free and profiting from it as well.

Diablo immortal is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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