Asmongold is now the most viewed Twitch streamer

xQc was dominant like Pull out‘s most-watched streamer since 2020. Of course, he wasn’t number one every month. Non-English streamers like Gaules, auronplay, ibai and loud_coringa have sizable followings, and events like the Fextralife Charity Marathon, League of Legends World Championships and The International have taken uncertain months to complete. It appears that xQc has once again usurped its position on Twitch, this time from fellow English streamer Asmongold.


In fairness, Asmongold hasn’t claimed xQc’s Most-Watched Twitch Streamer title by normal means for the past few weeks. It’s another event that led to Asmongold’s rise, albeit not an event like others. It’s the Johnny Depp libel trial against Amber Heard that has resulted in a massive spike in viewership for Asmongold, as the Twitch streamer has spent a significant portion of his time watching and commenting on the events of the trial.

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Over the past month, Asmongold’s Twitch viewership in terms of hours watched has increased by 96%. In the past three days, during the climax of the Depp v. Heard trial, Asmongold’s viewership has increased by a staggering 562% to a total of 3.8 million hours watched. During those three days, Asmongold also had the highest viewership on Twitch with a total of 448,000 viewers. The climax came as Asmongold watched live as the verdict was delivered for the Depp v. Heard trial.

Claiming the top spot in terms of hours watched on Twitch is certainly an impressive achievement, but it in no way guarantees Asmongold will maintain that level of attention well into the future. The trial is now closed and Asmongold’s increase in viewership was closely linked to the live coverage of the trial. Still, it’s a great achievement. Asmongold has seen more than double the hours of xQc over the past few days, which few channels can claim.

Part of what made coverage of the Depp v. Heard trial so compelling is the lack of new major video games to play. With no game available for Juice viewers, streamers like Asmongold began watching the test and found it to be very successful. It shows that even gaming-focused Twitch streamers can become massive magnets by streaming pop culture drama.

Asmongold will be streaming video games again starting Friday. Today saw the start of Diablo immortal, the microtransaction-heavy mobile version of the popular ARPG franchise. It’s controversial in and of itself, but unlikely to bring that back Pull out Figures brought in by the process. Regardless, Asmongold will look to maintain the momentum it has picked up over the coming weeks and months.

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