Arceus clip shows Gastrodon walking away from the battle

Pokémon Legends: Arceus was acclaimed by critics and fans alike upon its release earlier this year. While the game keeps many of the series’ staples, it reinvented them Pokemon Formula enough to make the game interesting even for longtime fans.

While some changes to the combat system are in effect Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Players can usually assume that a trainer battle will work as they normally would. Two people choose Pokémon and battle each other, but in this particular battle, one player realized that the opposing Pokémon didn’t want to be involved.


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Reddit user meibara34 shared her fun experience with others Pokemon fans. In the clip, the player’s Garchomp is already on the field when the opponent emits a Gastrodon. Upon Gastrodon’s arrival, it immediately deploys Hydro Pump, hitting the player’s Garchomp square in the face. The hydro pump doesn’t quite get Garchomp to half his health, and Gastrodon stares at the towering Garchomp for a moment as if calculating this, before suddenly turning left and walking away from the fight.

Perhaps the funnest part of the clip is seeing the garchomp spinning in place and watching the gastrodon walk away. Several users who reacted to the clip were surprised that Gastrodon moved at all in battle. Unlike most mainline Pokemon In games, the Pokémon are not necessarily in one place throughout the fight. However, it’s extremely unusual to see a Pokémon turn its back on a fight and walk out of the ring.

While this isn’t a bug, it’s likely that the mechanics of the game aren’t working quite as intended. Pokémon can reposition and move based on their proximity to other Pokémon. It’s usually just a few inches or so. It’s an especially fun sight considering you wouldn’t expect a sea slug Pokémon to move that fast.

Pokemon Gamers have long expected combat to follow a set formula, even going back to the first 3D games where players could fight, like Pokémon Stadium. However, this fight might bring back memories of the anime, where Pokémon show a bit more personality and don’t necessarily obey their trainers. While Gastrodon wasn’t actually able to walk since it’s a trainer fight, the fight certainly continued after that. As silly as it is, it’s likely to stick in the player’s mind a lot more than the hundreds of formulaic trainer battles Pokemon player has experienced.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is available for Nintendo Switch.

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