Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick donated to an anti-abortion and Roe V Wade Republican

Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick has spent the past year supporting a Republican who is opposed to abortion and forced birth. Senator Todd Young, to whom Kotick has donated approximately $8,000 since November 2020, is now celebrating Roe v. Wade, a decision that will force thousands to carry unwanted pregnancies, even in sexual assault cases.


This development is part of Kotick’s long history of giving to both Republicans and Democrats, and shows that Donald Trump’s presidency and the ensuing uprising by his supporters did little to deter him from supporting the party. This also comes as hundreds of thousands of Americans are waking up to abortion bans in their state, as the Roe v. Wade allows red states to criminalize abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

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As published by the Jacob Wolf Report, Kotick has donated exactly $7,900 to Senator Todd Young since the end of 2020. Young, who denies climate change and opposes gun control, is now celebrating yesterday’s Supreme Court decision. The Indiana politician previously signed pledges to support the ban on abortion in all cases, including rape, incest and when it would save the pregnant person’s life. He also believes employers should be able to refuse birth control if they are “morally unhappy with it”.

This is of course hardly surprising with Kotick. In February, it was reported that the controversial CEO had donated around $600,000 to Republicans during the 2020 election. Kotick even went so far as to donate through two secret corporations, seemingly to avoid scrutiny.

Kotick is hardly the only one making large donations to US politicians. However, it’s worth noting that of the six CEOs the Jacob Wolf report examined, only Kotick and Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick made donations to anti-choice politicians during this period. For his part, Zelnick supported ex-Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, who had previously been vocal against abortion. However, he is now against the Roe. v Wade decision.

Activision Blizzard is among a handful of companies that have not issued a statement following the Supreme Court decision. This means it is not known if the company will provide financial support to its employees who now have to travel abroad to have an abortion. Other media giants like Sony, Disney and Netflix have already updated their healthcare plans to reflect this.

Despite Kotick’s propensity to donate to Republicans who are pro-forced births — even in medical emergencies — and anti-climate change, he was recently re-elected to the Activision Blizzard board of directors for another year. It remains to be seen whether the company will do anything after the Supreme Court decision or whether its employees will have to bear the travel expenses themselves.

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