#350 Answers and Hints for Saturday June 4th

Wordle’s daily fix always has a few sticking points, which is why news week is here to help you get over the line.

The rules are simple. You have six tries for a five-letter word, and each correct letter in the correct place turns green, while a correct letter in the wrong place turns yellow.

The letters not in the word are gray and the color code should bring players closer and closer to the answer with each try as they rack their brains for every vowel and consonant combination they can muster.

When you finally get the answer, a stats box will appear showing your in-game achievement record.

Engineer Josh Wardle developed the game, which he fine-tuned during the COVID lockdown. His partner Palak Shah looked at the 12,000 five-letter words possible in English and narrowed them down to 2,500 to be used in the puzzle.

With Wardle’s name, the game’s global reach was assured when The New York Times bought the jigsaw puzzle. It has inspired several other daily puns ending in “-dle” in homage to the original, such as Heardle and Crosswordle.

Originally played by a few dozen people, today it is the most popular game for millions of people around the world.

The Statista chart below shows how Wordle’s popularity has risen among puzzle fans around the world.


Wordle #350: Notes for Saturday, June 4th

Getting down to business, here are a few pointers to help you answer the June 4th Wordle.

Hint #1: The answer for Wordle #350 has a vowel and can be a noun or a verb.

Tip #2: There are two consonants at the beginning and at the end of the word, which may be difficult for some players.

Note #3: One of the Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions for Wordle #350 answer is “bubbles forming in or on a liquid”.

Tip #4: When Wordle #350 is a verb, it can mean foaming at the mouth. It also rhymes with a word for a liquid that can be used to cook meat or vegetables.

Good luck crafting the answer.

Another set of Wordle hints and tips will be available on Sunday.

Wordle #350 answer for Saturday June 4th

Are you still having trouble after these four clues? The answer to Wordle on Saturday June 4th is “foam”.

Wordle will be updated daily at 7pm EDT (4pm PDT) with another new puzzle to tackle.

Wordle fans who want something extra while waiting for another daily brain teaser can try some more word-based puzzles HERE.

world player
This photo depicts a person playing the online word game “Wordle” on a cell phone in Arlington, Virginia, on May 9, 2022. Newsweek offers tips to help players solve the daily puzzle.

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